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Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – 5 Troubleshooting Steps for a Broken AC

Are you having trouble turning on your air conditioner? Are you looking forward to calling a local company in Goose Creek for heating and air services to fix your system?

Let me ask you a question first: do you know what has caused your air conditioner to shut off like that?

If you do not know the answer to that question, you may be lucky to find us today… This blog may help you save some time and money, too. If your system was working pretty fine last time you switched it on, not turning again may not be a big deal, at all. There is a very good chance you can solve the problem by yourself by only troubleshooting a few things.

Step 1: Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – Check Your Thermostat

If you are tired of switching your air conditioner on and off and still it is not working, then you may need to check your thermostat. Thermostat is mostly responsible for providing appropriate amount of cooling; however, if it is not powered on, how would you expect your air conditioner to work…

So make sure you have examined the basic things that you can figure out yourself before you call for an expert of HVAC in Goose Creek, SC. Ensure the configuration of the thermostat is set to cooling and, most importantly, the temperature of your thermostat is set to three degrees lower than the room temperature, so it can provide enough cooling. In addition, some thermostats contain batteries, so make sure the batteries are working properly. If you doubt that, you need to change them.

Step 2: Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On?  Check Your AC Air Filter

Air conditioner’s air filter may not be the first thing you would look for when your AC won’t turn on because air filters may not seem like a big deal. However, it will make way more sense when you see what it can do. An AC filter stops the dust from coming inside your air conditioner, and it also comes between the cool air that passes from coil of the AC through the filter. Imagine if your air filter is fully clogged… How will the cold air pass through the filter to your room? It cannot…but the cold has to go somewhere because, otherwise, the coil will keep getting colder.

That is what happens when the air filters are clogged. The cold air in coin gets colder and hence freezes causing the air conditioner to stop working. So make sure you keep changing the filter of your air conditioner every few months.

Step 3: My AC Unit Won’t Turn On – Check Your Circuit Breakers

Circuit breaker may not be the place you would want to look at thinking you never heard it tripping. Well, sometimes it happens like in the blink of an eye and you do not even feel it.

So make sure you go check your circuit breaker if it is turned off or not. If it is off, turn it back up and check if the air conditioner is turning on or not. In case the breaker was already on, still turn it off, and wait for a few seconds before you turn it back on. Trip is a few seconds job. It may have tripped without turning it off, you never know.

Step 4: Air Conditioner Isn’t Working – Check Your AC Drain Pan

There is an AC drain pan under your air conditioner accumulates residual condensation that your air conditioner is not able to drain out. If this pan reaches top, the float switch (designed to control the level of liquid to not surpass a specific point) turns off, resulting in the switching off of the air conditioner; otherwise, it will flood your home.

You can easily clear out the drain with a blower or anything that has a lit bit of a pressure. Most technicians of HVAC in Goose Creek, SC, use compressed air to clear out this drains during maintenance.

Step 5: AC Won’t Turn On – Check the AC Shutoff Switch

This step would not be in the list if people had done it by themselves. Many HVAC experts say that people have so many times contacted them that something has gone wrong with their air conditioner; it is not turning on. When the expert visits, he finds the air conditioning system’s switch turned off, most often by the kids playing around in the house.

So make sure you check all of these basic steps. If you find it helpful, please share it with people. If your system still has not turned on, kindly reach out to HVAC experts.

Finally, if you have found a solution on your own, share it with us, so we can help others, too. 

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